Virtual Construction

The main advantage of virtual construction is the ability to create virtual models of a project and see how the final result might look before construction begins. There are a number of virtual modeling variations, each offering different views into a project:

  • Virtual Mock-Ups—Save time and materials by constructing a virtual representation of a physical model. Mock-ups allows for early detection possible of design and construction issues.
  • 3D Modeling—Create a model of your project in order to see the final result before you’ve even put a shovel in the ground.  Building on the X, Y, & Z axes allows for clear visualization of a project as it might appear once completed, providing designers, contractors and the rest of the project team with a view of the finished project that paper drawings just can’t match.
  • 4D Modeling—View the project’s 3D model with an additional dimension, time. Enables design and construction teams to see how a project might be planned and built to allow for the maximum level of coordination and scheduling.
  • 5D Modeling—This type of virtual modeling adds the concept of cost over time to the 4D model, giving project teams the ability to view the potential budget/estimated cost of a project during various points along the project timeline.

Virtual Construction can play an important role in the development of a project and its finished result.

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