Why McCutcheon Associates?


McCutcheon Associates, P.A. is qualified to provide  surveying, planning and consulting services at every level of your project for the following reasons:


McCutcheon Associates, P.A. is a recognized leader in the industry. Our repeat clientele is testament to our commitment to excellence.


McCutcheon Associates, P.A. knows how to properly interpret design intent and to create open lines of communication with the project team. We have the experience, reputation and resources to see a project through from start to finish. McCutcheon Associates, P.A. is currently working on or has completed projects at every scale throughout the metropolitan area for the past 30 years.


We, the individuals of McCutcheon Associates, P.A., take pride in the integrity of our firm, our professionalism, and our commitment to delivering the level of quality that is promised to you. This quality approach has provided McCutcheon Associates, P.A. with a history of satisfied, and repeat business with clients who demand quality for their projects.

McCutcheon Associates, P.A.’s capabilities have been proven on projects of various size and sophistication. Review the historical project listing on our web site www.mccutcheonpa.com to see the quantity of major construction projects completed safely and to the owner’s (as well as our own) high quality standards.

McCutcheon Associates, P.A. utilizes AutoCAD software together with the latest Leica surveying equipment to assist in job layouts and engineering. It also utilizes Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling software and related Project Management and Contract Administration software systems to provide accurate documentation, record keeping, and project tracking within an integrated system.


McCutcheon Associates, P.A. follows the established safety guidelines of OSHA. Also when required, we adhere to the project specific safety standards. We have an excellent safety track record